Colds, flus and Coronavirus

If you have any of the following symptoms you will need to call our office on 020 8938 4611 and re-book your appointment:

At M2M Community Solicitors LLP we have a large number of clients who are considered ‘vulnerable’. We are therefore unable to see any client who has symptoms of a cold, the flu or coronavirus. We will always check with you the day before any appointment with us to ensure that you do not have any symptoms as we cannot risk becoming unwell ourselves and in turn passing anything to a ‘vulnerable’ person. Please bear in mind that we do carry out urgent work in care homes and hospitals so ask that all clients are thoughtful of this. If you do appear unwell and turn up for an appointment, we will ask you to leave and come back when you feel better or if the matter is urgent, consider alternative ways to deal with your problem.

Please note that we will ask any clients who attend our office to use the hand sanitising gel we provide.