Why Us?

Friendly professional team who started the firm to make a real difference in the community

We at M2M Community Solicitors LLP are a well-established firm of solicitors with expertise in areas of law covering a wide range of personal, commercial and community based areas.

We are a friendly professional team who started the firm to make a real difference in the community and are still continuing to achieve this with the highest standards and determination to get the best results possible for our clients. Our staff are approachable experienced, efficient and highly skilled.

We have specialised over the years in many areas of personal and community based law and understand the needs of the various different sections of the community. We meet our clients in a relaxed environment to put them at their ease, we understand that not everyone understands legal terminology and can explain and advise them in plain language as required.

M2M Community Solicitors LLP was started on 1st February 2010 by Miriam Geevarghese and Marie Quinn with the aim of ‘making a difference’ and ‘doing it our way’.

We know the public’s perception of solicitors and many paint us all with the same brush as ‘fat cats’ but the reality is very different for many.
We provide a personalised service to our clients rather than our clients being names and numbers. All members of staff are ‘real’ people. All understand life’s challenges through ‘real life’ experience rather than just reading about things in articles, magazines or newspapers. These life lessons and reality mean that realistic and practical advice is provided without any judgement.

We offer a 20 minute free consultation for all subject matters with the exception of family law. During this time we obtain your instructions and assess your case. By the end of the meeting we can either provide you with basic relevant advice but where no further action may be needed. Some clients are shocked that with the advice, no further action is needed. There are other times when further action is needed and at that time our fees for assisting in relation to a case will be provided or you are welcome to walk out of our office with no obligation.

Our Charitable works

Free Wills Month – March 2015 – We raised approximately £97,980 of future income for the Free Wills Month Charities

Free Wills Month – March 2017 – We raised approximately £91,950 of future income for the Free Wills Month Charities

Free Wills Month – March 2018 – We raised approximately £107,650 of future income for the Free Wills Month Charities

Will Aid – 2015 – We raised £1,890

Will Aid 2017 – We raised £1,095

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Some of our charges can be reduced if you are on a low income

We offer a 20 minute free consultation for all subject matters with the exception of family law

Clients Review

Professional service and good advice. The solicitor made me feel comfortable and explained everything.I would certainly recommend M2M Solicitors

SM, Sept 2021

Excellent Service I recently contacted M2M Community Solicitors LLPs with regard to making my Will. Miriam gave me some very good advice which enabled me to complete the process very quickly and easily. I would highly recommend Miriam and her Will writing services. They are a friendly team that provided excellent service and made the process straightforward.

Pinner - May, 2021

Ms Quinn has proven to be an excellent choice to provide the highest quality of legal services. She puts the client first, working above and beyond her call of duty. She adheres to high professional standards at all times. I would be happy to recommend this solicitor to friends and family.

Outside UK - February, 2015

Marie was excellent in terms of explaining the matter to me in complete detail and she also talked about the pros and cons of everything that she talked about. She gave me completely personalised advice and maintained confidentiality throughout. I normally panic, but with Marie's assistance in the matters, I know a lot better about laws now and don't panic as much as I used to do in the past. What could they have done better? Maybe, smile more...she gets very serious when she deals with cases.

Middlesex - February, 2015

Marie Quinn is an open minded solicitor, who tells you everything in straight honest answers. She never holds anything back, she tells you how it is. Marie is an extremely approachable person, no matter the query, Marie will always give you honest and to the point answers. What could they have done better? Marie Quinn can't do anything better, and that is the honest truth.

Middlesex - February, 2015

Very helpful and knowledgeable

Middlesex - February, 2015

This solicitor handled my case with care and the utmost level of professionalism. I have experienced bad service from solicitors in the past - but M2M have really restored my faith! Marie ensured I was always kept up to date on any changes in my case either by phone or letter. I really felt like a valued client. I would not hesitate to use M2M solicitors for any help I need in the future. What could they have done better? No improvements required! You provide outstanding service!

London - February, 2015

Friendly, informative, listened carefully, understood the questions and was very helpful What could they have done better? Was happy with the service!

Kent - February, 2015

I have sought Marie ' s advice several times over the years and have found her to be open, honest, friendly, knowledgeable, professional, straight forward, transparent and ethical..... not to mention being very good at what she does. What could they have done better? Please read the above comment.

London - February, 2015

Excellent five star. Made me feel welcome and dealt with my case exellent highly recommend

London - February, 2015

I felt very reassured and confident at our first meeting as Marie Quinn came across as a powerful, not-to-be-messed-with and dynamic woman, who also wanted to ensure my case was looked into thoroughly and the options available for me to be able to get a fairer deal without further losses incurred by previous solicitor and ex husband.

London - February, 2015

A competent and approachable lawyer who takes the time and trouble to deal with clients as people.

Middlesex - February, 2015

I approached M2M in the hope that they would be able to assist me with my PIP assessment. Despite this assessment being on-going for some 13 months, Marie has conversed with both the DWP and ATOS in order to try and settle this matter on my behalf, only bothering me when completely necessary and therefore alleviating any undue stress to myself.I should mention that this case is on-going. What could they have done better? I doubt any other Solicitor would have handled the situation any better than Marie has, her "down to earth" attitude, eagerness to assist and general compassion are an absolute gift to me at a time when I have been feeling extremely vulnerable.

Middlesex - February, 2015

Excellent service, excellent communication, friendly, professional, helpful, dedicated, enthusiastic, understanding and honest.

Middlesex - February, 2015

Marie advised of my rights having been told I had just brought a car that turned out to faulty. Marie then wrote the company a very informal letter stating the faults and stating the car was not fit for purpose. Within two days I received all my money back and some compansion. I was delighted with the service. What could they have done better? Marie could of offered me a cup of tea

Middlesex - February, 2015

I don't know what I would of done if I had not had M2M to help me with my Benefit problems, I had no money coming in and did not know where to turn. Thank God I contacted them and immediately they sorted out my benefits so I had income while I appealed, this took over two years. During that long and stressful period I was not only give excellent legal help, but much needed emotional encouragement and support, whenever I had concerns or received new correspondence they were at the end of the phone to help me. Again I must say if it was not for M2M excellent work I would have lost everything, and ended up on the streets. What could they have done better? I cannot think of one thing they could have done better, they were brilliant.

London - February, 2015

Ms Quinn was able to help me with a Local Government issue. I had wasted a lot of time trying to deal with the problem myself, being given the run around by the Council, but she was able to get through to them and deal with the problem straight away. Her advice is clear and straightforward, everything was explained in terms I understood, without hiding behind legalese. She was professional, yet friendly and approachable, making me feel comfortable discussing the issues I had.Should I need legal services again in the future, I will go to Ms Quinn again.

Middlesex - February, 2015

My experience with solicitor was very good . They are help me to win the cause. What could they have done better? They are very professional

Middlesex - February, 2015

Marie Quinn has always been available to reassure me throughout my case and has dealt with matters, I felt to be for my own interests. She has always made me feel that she is without a doubt on my side and has given the best advice.

Suffolk - February, 2015

Miriam gave me great advice, support and re-assurance during some very distressing and frustrating times following unfair dismissal. Miriam and her colleagues worked diligently and enthusiastically in helping me to win my unfair dismissal case at the tribunal, my compensation award was substantial, I expected half of what I eventually received. Sadly, the defendant was very stubborn and it took a couple of years, however, it was well worth the wait, I received every penny that I had been awarded plus literally thousands of pounds in interest, Miriam and her colleagues M2M kept me informed with regular progress dates. I shall be eternally grateful to Miriam for helping me and my family get through some miserable times. What could they have done better? I can't of anything she could have done better, unfortunately, the wheels of justice turn slowly, frustrating delays were out of her control.

London - February, 2015

I didnt know where to begin when I lost my father and needed advice in dealing with his estate. Marie from M2M explained procedures to me and what I should do. This included being advised what I could do on my own and without the services of a solicitor. Everything was explained in laymans terms which made it very easy to understand, bearing in mind that I was in an anxious state of mind. I cannot recommend her highly enough.

Middlesex - February, 2015

I could not have asked for a better solicitor. Miriam was easy to talk to and explained everything in clear and simple language. Miriam was very efficient and professional and I would not hesitate to use her again and recommend her to others. What could they have done better? I have no suggestion to make as she was excellent.

Middlesex - February, 2015

I found Marie very professional, knowledgeable and her advise and guidance has proved very useful. I would definitely use her services in the future should the need arise.

Middlesex - February, 2015

Ms Geevarghese is a professional, courteous solicitor who always gives outstanding service. She treats her clients with the upmost respect and decency. I highly recommend her services.

Outside UK - February, 2015

A very patient lady who know her craft very well. Always helpful, always understanding and does her job brilliantly. What could they have done better? Marie did her best

Hertfordshire - March, 2015


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