Due Diligence at M2M Community Solicitors LLP


Due Diligence at M2M Community Solicitors LLP

We need

  • photographic identification documents (usually a
    valid passport or driving licence)
  • a recent utility bill dated within three months
    of the date you first meet with us


  • proof of income also dated within three months.

We ask that you bring this with you to the first appointment with us. 

Please note, we can only accept original documents. This means we will need an original wage slip or bank statement and an original utility bill, and not something that has been printed from an online account. 

We request that clients who want us to help them in any matter who have online accounts ask for certified statements from the bank. The banks usually have the relevant stamps to do this. Utility companies will also send out hard copies of statements or bills, when requested.

Please note: We will not be able to continue with the appointment to do any substantive work without these documents.


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