Community Care

We have many years worked with groups and organisations

We assist clients with problems they may have with social services

We at M2M Community Solicitors LLP have for many years worked with groups and organisations within the Community Care sector and are aware of the needs and issues that many people within this sector deal with.  Community Care covers many areas and deals with the most vulnerable in society who often feel that they do not have a voice.

We have found that many of the people within Community Care have struggled with Social Services and other government departments to get assistance to deal with problems that they have but get nowhere.  We are fully aware of the procedures needed to deal with various problems and the most efficient way forward for our clients.

For Carers we can assess their problem and the problems that their loved ones may have and assist them to get the necessary help that they need, some carers just want advice on certain matters and we can also assist with that.   Some carers may just want a little respite care which they cannot get or advice on the how to deal with something, this is where we can assist them to obtain extra help. We would assess their situation and can advise them on whether they are entitled to get extra assistance.

People need help with various issues whether they are dealing with social services or private care providers, this can range from needing advice on how to deal with their issue to assisting them directly to receive the necessary help required to resolve their problem.  Whether the issue is community care needs or respite needs or community care assessments, which may need to be carried out for both carers and those cared for.  Situations can occur where people are temporarily in the care system and need to ensure their assets are preserved, carers can sometimes struggle with ensuring the ones they care for are receiving the appropriate level of social services help and do not lose that assistance.

Clients have also expressed problems with Local Authorities allowing them to access the Direct Payment scheme which in most cases should not be a problem. Financial Assessments can be confusing and it often appears that care assessments are about the resources of the Local Authority rather than the needs of the carers or cared for.

Since the Care Act 2014 every carer has the right to a Carers Assessment identifying their needs to ensure their life does not stop just because of caring responsibilities.

We can assist if there is concern that a hospital, due to the pressure on hospital beds, try to release patients to homes with insufficient care facilities in place. We can assist in challenging hospitals decisions.

We are very experienced solicitors who have provided advice and assistance for many years in community care matters and in past cases have been successful in persuading the Local Authority to pay the fees of the solicitors where the cost to the client has been caused by the negligence of the Local Authority. However, it is not usual for Local Authorities to do this.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can instruct solicitors for a community care matters?

Either the carer or the cared for can instruct solicitors but if the cared for have mental capacity and matters concern their care our solicitors will take instructions directly from them.

How do we charge?

We charge on an hourly basis £180 including VAT per hour. If we think that social services should contribute to the solicitor’s fees we will advise you but it is not usual for the Local Authorities to pay for your legal fees even where we are arguing they have assessed your needs incorrectly.

What do I need to bring to a meeting?

We will need you to bring photographic identification such as a valid driving licence or passport, a utility bill with your name and address dated within 3 months of the meeting and proof of your income for example a payslip or bank statement showing income being paid into your account.

We will also need a copy of any assessment made including the financial assessment and the main correspondence between the client and the Local Authority, if possible.


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