We have considerable experience and expertise in dealing with all aspects of employment law

We have considerable experience and expertise in dealing with all aspects of employment law

We advise clients who are both employers and employees however, due to the solicitors practice rules we cannot advise employees of companies that are also our clients. We also advise on and can sign, in appropriate circumstances, as advisers to employees in relation to Settlement Agreements.

Employment law is always fast changing and therefore it is essential that you obtain advice from someone who is up to date with the changes and understands the needs of both the employer and employee.

We as experienced proficient solicitors can understand both sides of a situation and are best placed to get the best tactical approach to try and resolve your matter. We have been involved in many contentious cases where damages have been awarded to our client far exceeding the norm due to the tactical approach and presentation of the evidence.

We will always work in the best interest of our client and should a negotiated settlement be the more effective, cost efficient way for our client, we have the negotiating skills and knowledge to get the best outcome.   However if negotiating does not prove to be the best way forward we are the experienced professional legal force our clients can rely on.

For Employers

We can advise employers on all matters of employment law from advertising a job vacancy to the correct procedures to follow to ensure compliance with disciplinary procedures and, if necessary, to dismiss an employee appropriately to minimise the chance of a successful claim being brought against the company.


For Employees

There is a very strict deadline in employment matters and therefore it is essential that if clients have an employment problem that they seek advice immediately. It is essential to remember that clients can obtain advice whether they are still employed with the company as well as if they have left, and claims could potentially be brought in both circumstances.

We advise on the following areas:

  • Settlement Agreements
  • Advertising and interviewing for a job vacancy
  • Terms and conditions contained within the contract of employment
  • Dismissal whether unfair, wrongful or constructive
  • Redundancy
  • Discrimination on all grounds
  • TUPE ( Transfer of Undertakings Regulations)
  • All matters relating to pay –  including the relatively common problems of not being paid, unlawful deductions and reduction in pay due to financial climate
  • If successful at an Employment Tribunal we can also assist with the enforcement of the compensation award to ensure that you do in fact receive the compensation.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much will it cost?

We charge an hourly rate for employment cases but the overall cost really does depend on what your employment case entails and at what stage your case is at when you come to see us. Some people have before the event insurance which means that an insurance company may pay all or part of your legal fees. We will be able to advise you further upon taking your instructions.

Our fees are published on our price list

At what point should I come and get advice?

You should come and obtain advice at the earliest opportunity. There are many quick deadlines in employment cases and by leaving the situation so that you await responses from your employers or employees, whichever you are can result in you missing deadlines or your case decreasing in merit.

What do I need to bring to a meeting?

We will need you to bring photographic identification such as a valid driving licence or passport, a utility bill with your name and address dated within 3 months of the meeting and proof of your income for example a payslip or bank statement showing income being paid into your account.

Bring any letters or notices sent to you and that you have also sent with any proof you have to substantiate the allegations against you or that you are bringing.  Bring any contract of employment or relevant paperwork to your issue. Please try and sort out your paperwork before the appointment.


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