Consumer Credit Agreements

We specialise in looking at Consumer Credit agreements

Many Consumer agreements are regulated by the Consumer Credit Act.

We at M2M Community Solicitors LLP specialise in looking at Consumer Credit agreements and providing advice and assistance as to whether the agreements can be challenged.  Both partners of M2M Community Solicitors LLP specialise in consumer credit law and have years of experience in assessing and challenging agreements that do not comply with the Consumer Credit Act to obtain the best possible outcome for our clients.

Some of the main agreements that can be challenged are:

·       Loan agreements

·       Hire Purchase agreements

·       Catalogue agreements

Due to the change in legislation, we are only able to advise and assist in respect of consumer credit agreements once litigation has started. This means that we can help once you have received a Claim form from the Court.

Needing Advice and Assistance before a Claim has been issued in Court
In such circumstances, advice and assistance should be obtained from a local CAB or law centre. We would not advise clients with debt matters to pay for advice and assistance in relation to debt matters and note that any debt management agencies which we have dealt with on behalf of clients do not understand challenging consumer credit agreements or the differing options which are available to those in debt.

Although advice and assistance is offered at many debt management agencies, local CAB offices and law centres, it is the years of experience and expertise that we at M2M Community Solicitors LLP have in challenging an agreement that results in the best possible outcome.


Once a Claim has been issued in Court

From this point we are able to provide advice and assistance. There are many different reasons why a consumer credit agreement can be challenged and we have the knowledge and expertise required to raise all relevant technical arguments in pursuing your challenge. We look for the best outcome whether through negotiated settlement prior to trial or challenging the consumer agreement in court. We will always act in the best interest of our client, so if we can obtain an amicable settlement through negotiation which would save our client unnecessary costs in court, we would work to that end.


Before the Event Insurance and After the Event Insurance

Before the event insurance is insurance that you may have already purchased which will cover you for certain legal matters which needs to be dealt with or for a specific matter. If our client does not have any Before the Event Insurance then provided their matter has merit, we may be able to obtain from an insurance company After the Event Insurance. This will cover the creditor’s legal costs if you are unsuccessful in any Court proceedings you bring in challenging an agreement. It is very difficult to obtain After the Event Insurance if you are a Defendant but easier if you are a Claimant.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much will this type of case cost?

The cost of Challenging a Consumer Credit Agreement can vary depending on the complexity of the case.  We at M2M Community Solicitors LLP have the knowledge, skill and experience to make an honest assessment and advise our clients clearly on the processes and costs that may be involved.    There are occasions when some matters can be resolved within correspondence to financial institution but it is unlikely that once a Claim has been issued that it will be resolved just within correspondence which is when we at M2M Community Solicitors LLP can be the professional force that our clients require.


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