To make a Will could give you peace of mind

To make a Will could give you peace of mind

When considering the contents of your Last Will and Testament you should always consider that it may actually be your Last Will and Testament.  We do not know what will happen tomorrow but to make a Will could give you peace of mind that your affairs are in order and that your wishes will be adhered to.

Our policy is that we do not allow anyone but the client in the room with the solicitor when they are giving instructions for their will.

This is one of many established safeguards we put in place to try and reduce the chance of any successful challenges to your Will. Please remember that no-one can provide a 100% watertight guarantee when drafting your Will that it cannot be challenged but ensuring that you use someone who puts as many established safeguards in place and understands why each safeguard should be present can only mean peace of mind for you.

Once a client is alone in a room, it means they are free to indicate to a solicitor if there are any problems, if they need any help, if someone is pressurising them to make a Will in favour of a particular person and also to talk freely so that an assessment of testamentary capacity can take place.

Many clients have commented on how thorough we are in considering many things based on their situation, which they otherwise would not have thought of and this is when they previously had assistance with drafting a Will but also those who are making their Will for the first time. This reflects the years of established, well organised accomplished work.

We pride ourselves on our contribution to many worthwhile charities. We participate in Free Wills Month every March and Will Aid every November which we hope will benefit both charities and clients.   During these months, we take instructions and draft Wills for free in the hope that clients will donate or leave a legacy to the worthwhile charities as we have donated our time. An average Will from start to end will take approximately 3 hours.

There is no difference between the Wills we prepare for clients who pay privately to those we prepare under the Free Wills Month or Will Aid scheme as we believe that both should be done to the highest professional standard.

We have so far raised a large amount of money for charity and that is something we are extremely proud of

Frequently Asked Questions

How much will a Will cost?

Our normal charge is £150 plus VAT which is £180 inclusive of VAT for a single basic Will. If there are mirror Wills to be drafted we charge £250 plus VAT which is £300 inclusive of VAT.
We get involved with Will Aid in November and Free Wills Month in March most years. During these promotions we draft Wills free of charge in the hope that clients will donate an amount (usually £95 for a single Will or £150 for a mirror Will) to the charities involved with the promotion.

What do we define as a basic Will?

We define a basic Will as one where there are no complicated trusts. Simple trusts where trustees are needed to look after money until a child attains a certain age is standard but there are many other scenarios where more complex trusts are needed and in those circumstances we will either inform you that we are unable to assist you or advise you of any additional cost for dealing with the complex trust. You will then have the opportunity to decide whether to proceed with us or not.

I have already got a Will but want it updated or a slight amendment made, what do I need to do?

It is a nice and simple process of telephoning the office on 020 8938 4611 to book an appointment. There are some circumstances where a codicil is the most suitable option for you (this is where slight amendments can be made without having to do a new Will) but there are also occasions where clients wish to make major amendments and the best option for them would be to go through our straight forward process of us taking instructions to draft a new Will.
We also draft new Wills for clients where clients have flagged up potential issues with their existing Wills which could allow for an easy challenge to be made to their Wills. Such circumstances can include where another person had been present while they provided a solicitor or Will writer with their instructions in relation to a previous Will, or they had given instructions to a solicitor or Will writer by email or over the phone only. This can cause big problems and will make it easier for someone to challenge the Will.

What do I need to bring to a meeting?

We will need you to bring photographic identification such as a valid driving licence or passport, a utility bill with your name and address dated within 3 months of the meeting and proof of your income for example a payslip or bank statement showing income being paid into your account.
In respect of your Will, you will need to think about who you wish to be the executor or executors of your Will and also the beneficiaries. You will need to bring their full names and addresses. Basically, if there is anyone who will be mentioned in your Will, please bring their contact details. In addition, have a think about what you want your Will to say, who you want to leave any particular items to, if you want to leave any money to charity, if so, which charity, who you want your estate to pass to and how much of your estate to each person or organisation and finally, whether you have any funeral arrangements you want included.


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