Penalty Charge Notices

We have knowledge and expertise in dealing with Penalty Charge Notices

We have knowledge and expertise in dealing with Penalty Charge Notices

At present we have suspended all advice on Penalty Charge Notice matters due to a high demand for our other services. We would refer anyone requiring assistance with PCNs to the legal choices website

At M2M Community Solicitors we have knowledge and expertise in dealing with Penalty Charge Notices issued by local authorities and private land issues.

There are many parking tickets, which can be challenged for a variety of reasons, which we can assist with. There are some box junctions, which are illegal as well as other road markings, all of which can be challenged. There are strict deadlines once you have received a parking ticket so advice must be obtained immediately. Failure to appeal a parking ticket in time will result in judgment being entered and bailiffs attending homes looking to remove property.

We have a large number of clients who approach us once they have had a visit from a bailiff. If this is the first time that a client becomes aware of the Penalty Charge Notice and the matter is dealt with quickly around that time, an appropriate application can be made to the Court. The key in these types of cases will be – don’t delay.

There are also a number of ‘tickets’ called Penalty Charge Notices when a person parks on private land. The procedure for dealing with these types of cases is very different from tickets issued by a Local Authority or Transport for London. These ‘tickets’ on private land are an out of Court settlement for trespass.  The merits of whether a person should pay or not need to be assessed on a case by case basis but factors to consider are in respect of location of signs, wording of the signs, height of the signs and lighting in that area.

  BE AWARE – There are deadlines to respond to the Local Authority and the Court so please ensure that you act immediately

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do you charge for assisting with an application to Court in a Local Authority case?

We charge £50 plus VAT, which is £60 inclusive of VAT for obtaining your instructions, drafting the relevant application and your witness statement in support of your application.  You should be aware that some applications carry a Court fee which is currently £255 and this would be payable in addition to our fee unless you are on a particular benefit or have a low income. We will advise you at the meeting whether the application attracts a Court fee and if so, whether you would qualify for remission or exemption.

When should I come for an appointment?

Immediately if you wish to challenge. There are deadlines with these cases and as such we will need time to carry out the work.    Information and evidence would need to be collated and witness statements drafted all within a short period of time but this can be accomplished by working together with our client to achieve the best possible outcome.         If we are too busy, we may not be able to assist. From our experience many clients do not have all the information we need to complete their witness statements and as such, time will be of the essence.

What do I need to bring to a meeting?

We will need you to bring photographic identification such as a valid driving licence or passport, a utility bill with your name and address dated within 3 months of the meeting and proof of your income for example a payslip or bank statement showing income being paid into your account.

You will need to bring all paperwork you have in relation to the matter which includes all correspondence you have sent and received including bailiff notices, if you have made any payments then proof of such payments.  If you are disputing an offence then any proof you may have which can include photographs of the location, any relevant signs in the road or parking area.


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